4 Treatment Options for Neuropathy

4 Treatment Options for Neuropathy

Neuropathy causes an array of symptoms, but it’s best known for pain — burning, sharp, shooting, electric-shock pain. Though some medications are available, they’re not effective for many people, and they come with side effects.

But don’t give up hope. You can get the pain relief you need with safe, innovative treatments from our team at iMed Regeneration Center. Let’s explore essential neuropathy treatment options.

Treat the underlying disease

Treating the underlying cause of your neuropathy isn’t one of the four treatments, but it’s a critical first step — if the cause can be found. Unfortunately, the reason neuropathy develops can’t be determined in one-fourth of all cases

But when the source of your nerve pain can be identified, treating that problem stops progressive nerve damage and gives the nerves a chance to heal.

There are many possible causes of neuropathy, including:

Diabetes is the top cause of neuropathy, highlighting the importance of treating the source. Without treatment, high blood sugar progressively damages your nerves. 

Four treatment options

Let’s talk about four treatment options we offer that effectively ease neuropathy pain:

Electrical nerve stimulation

Nerve stimulation sends mild electrical pulses into your painful nerves. The electrical stimulation essentially tricks your brain into ignoring the pain signals it receives from the damaged nerve. This treatment option delivers substantial pain relief for most patients.

Electrical stimulation may also enhance nerve regeneration and accelerate the recovery of nerve function, even in severely damaged nerves.

Light-emitting diode (LED) therapy

LEDs treat neuropathy (and many other conditions) with low-level light therapy. As the light safely passes through your skin and enters nerves and blood vessels, it triggers healing activities in the cells, including:

These actions work together to heal your nerves and relieve the pain.

Vibration therapy

Vibration therapy does what its name implies: It sends vibrations into your body. The vibrations trigger activity in your nerves, muscles, tendons, bones, and joints. The effect is so real that spending too much time using hand-held vibrating tools can lead to nerve injuries.

When we carefully control the vibration intensity, they produce beneficial results, including improving muscle and nerve activity and increasing blood circulation, which is essential for healing.

Chiropractic care

As chiropractic care specialists, we have extensive experience using several chiropractic techniques that ease nerve pain. For example, active release therapy and nerve mobilization use different techniques to relieve pressure on peripheral nerves and reduce nerve inflammation.

We also specialize in nutritional counseling, which is an essential part of treating neuropathy caused by metabolic disorders (like diabetes) and vitamin deficiencies. 

You also need certain nutrients to support nerve function, and following an anti-inflammatory diet goes a long way toward helping nerves heal. We have helped many patients find relief from their neuropathy pain with dietary recommendations. 

Call us at iMed Regeneration Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, or request an appointment online to learn more about safe, effective neuropathy therapies.

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