Chiropractic Care: Your New Way to De-Stress

Stress refers to the emotional tension you feel as you encounter challenges in daily life. No matter what causes your stress, it also leads to significant changes inside your body, putting you at risk of developing physical problems.

At the same time, having a health condition inevitably adds to your emotional and physical stress. Without intervention, you may find yourself in a never-ending spiral of stress and health issues.

If your stress is the result of anxiety that disrupts your daily life or seems out of proportion to the circumstances, consider seeking the help of a mental health professional who treats anxiety disorders.

Otherwise, you have another option for stress relief: chiropractic care. Experienced chiropractor Jason Keller, DC, at iMed Regeneration Center can help you overcome stress by restoring your body’s balance, easing your pain, and supporting optimal health.

Improving your well-being with chiropractic care can’t make your daily life stressors disappear, but it definitely gives you the ability to relax and minimize your stress response.

Chiropractic care for stress

When you’re under stress, your body automatically releases hormones that make your muscles tighten. The longer your stress lasts, the bigger the impact on your physical health.

It doesn’t take long for tight muscles to affect your posture, joints, and spinal alignment, causing pain, limiting movement, and generally adding to your stress. These physical changes also inhibit blood flow, cause pinched nerves, and diminish your overall health.

We specialize in many chiropractic techniques that restore mobility, relax muscles, correct posture, and realign your spine and other parts of your musculoskeletal system. 

As we restore balance and alignment, your blood vessels and nerves return to their normal function, and your pain improves.

Chiropractic techniques also effectively treat specific problems caused by stress. For example, we often focus on headaches, muscle aches, and neck and low back pain.

As chiropractic care deals with the effect of stress on your body, your mood improves and you have more energy to offset the impact of stress you face in the future.

Chiropractic care enhances nutrition

Ongoing stress forces your body to use more nutrients than usual. As a result, any of the following stressors can cause nutritional deficiencies:

We carefully evaluate your nutritional status and recommend dietary changes and/or supplements to restore any deficiencies.

Chiropractors care for your overall wellness

Chiropractic is all about caring for the whole person. We take the time to talk and learn about the sources of stress in your life. Then we recommend relaxation techniques that calm anxiety and discuss lifestyle changes to reduce your stress.

Daily stress may never disappear, but our team at iMed Regeneration Center can help you cope and stay healthy despite the challenges you face. Call or book online today for an appointment at our Colorado Springs, Colorado, office.

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