Is Regenerative Medicine Safe and Effective?

Regenerative medicine focuses on exactly what the name implies — the processes in the body that control the development (or regeneration) of new, healthy tissue. The question, however, is what exactly does that mean? And, how can regenerative medicine help our bodies when we are injured? It sounds like it might be pushing the boundaries — is this even safe?

Glad you asked! At iMed Regeneration Center, our doctors specialize in finding nonsurgical ways to manage the pain that occurs with many different conditions. Regenerative medicine is just one of those methods. 

How regenerative medicine works 

The idea of regenerative medicine is to take advantage of your body’s built-in ability to take care of itself. When you are injured or disease invades your body, it automatically defends itself and begins to heal all on its own. Regenerative medicine attempts to isolate and concentrate the parts of your cells that help the body heal, and then put them in the location where your body needs healing or new tissue. This often takes the form of stem cell injections and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.

This approach aims to treat the underlying cause of a problem rather than just the symptoms. This can be especially helpful in many orthopedic cases where a patient is suffering from a knee injury, an ACL tear, a hip injury, arthritis, and so on. An injection of stem cells or platelet-rich plasma can help begin to repair this damaged tissue — even your cartilage — so that it heals much faster than it would on its own.

Is regenerative medicine safe?

Because regenerative medicine offers such exciting potential — it may one day be used to create artificial organs for patients who need a transplant, for example — it’s important to make sure you are being treated by a doctor with the proper credentials and training. The FDA has established guidelines for regenerative treatments and conditions, so make sure your provider is operating according to these guidelines.

Is regenerative medicine effective?

Injections of stem cells and platelet-rich plasma have proven to be very effective at repairing and renewing cellular tissues in the body. Stem cells can travel throughout your body to whatever site needs healing, but as you get older, their numbers diminish. Injections of new stem cells keep your body healing quickly. Platelet-rich plasma includes a high concentration of platelets, the part of your blood that includes growth factors and promotes healing of injuries. This solution helps heal your injuries more quickly when it is injected straight into the injury site.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of regenerative medicine to help you recover much more quickly, contact us at iMed Regeneration Center to set up your initial consultation. Our team will determine the best way to treat you and get you back to full functionality as soon as possible! 

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